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February 2023

Consultations in Liver Disease
Edited bySteven L. Flamm

Markedly elevated liver enzymes are common and require urgent, targeted evaluation. Drs Reutemann and Gordon discuss diagnostic strategies. Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and hepatitis delta virus (HDV) infection are frequently observed worldwide, but less commonly in the West. These problems are thus more complicated for the community practitioner. Drs Robinson, Wong, and Gish review the contemporary approach for diagnosis and treatment of chronic HBV and HDV.

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A perfect source to consult for those in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology, Clinics in Liver Disease provides answers to clinical questions, information on the latest diagnostic methods and treatments, and numerous clinical images. Published quarterly—in February, May, August, and November—each issue offers in-depth reviews that focus on the liver and biliary system.